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Performance Management Business Analytics


Activity Based Costing

The solution enables allocation of costs to departments, to activities and ultimately to cost objects based on cost drivers to derive the true cost of doing business. The solution allows users toperform analysis on multiple dimensions of profitability and costs by product or customer segment.

Budgeting and Planning

A robust and dynamic solution that supports driver-based budgeting, scenario planning and what-if analysis as well as multi-version variance reporting. The solution enables collaboration between multiple users. The solution includes integration with Microsoft Excel which allows users to use it as reporting tool or budgeting input template.


The solution supports extraction of financial data from any source system to perform inter-company elamination, currency conversion and finally consolidation for financial reporting. The solution provides a drill down feature into the detailed data.

Financial Reporting

The solution provides end-to-end automation of financial reporting processes from extraction of general ledger accounting information from accounting software, reconciliation to ensure accuracy of data to generating financial statements complete with segmental information.

Profitability Analytics

The solution enables organisation to derive profitability analysis at multiple levels, i.e. company, department and even product. The solution provides insights on factors driving the profitability of products or services.

Risk and Performance Measurement Analytics

The solution provides risk and performance management analytics that enables in depth analysis of risk factors and exposures, calibrations and models for a wide range of products across all major asset classes in a portfolio.

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