Integrated Palm Waste Management Facility

Our facility allows Palm Oil Mills to focus on their core business of producing high yield and quality oil, as our integrated approach manages and converts Empty Fruit Bunches (EFB) and Palm Oil Mill Effluents (POME), the two most voluminous residues from the Palm Oil Industry to High Calorific Value (HCV) Biomass Engineered Fuel and clean Green Energy, respectively. This initiative will significantly reduce the Carbon Footprint from the generation of conventional energy/electricity, in-line with all the sustainable efforts put in by the industry’s governing bodies and the department of environment worldwide.

The IPWMF Solution includes a Biomass Processing Plant, Biogas Processing Plant and Solar generating rooftop for Palm Oil Mills to manage their residue (or resources as we see it) across the country and region. Potentially, the IPWMF will avoid a carbon dioxide equivalent emission avoidance of ≈ 55,000 tCO2e per site.

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